Research Solutions

Research Solutions

  • Clean Data
  • Business Intelligence
  • Insights

Get to the insights you need, fast.

Accurate and detailed information on North American trucking operations, their owners, operators and managers.

FleetSeek provides valuable insights for fleet analysis.

Reduce the amount of time spent researching fleet and trucking data to prepare for business development, marketing outreach and sales calls.
To size up the industry, identify market potential and uncover details about fleet businesses, simply searching the Internet won’t bring home the data you need to be competitive. FleetSeek’s on demand digital solution minimizes research time while harnessing accurate and up-to-date data to deliver companies, contacts and fleet specifics at a level of insight that was previously impossible to attain.
  • New Data Monthly

    Ongoing updates ensure data accuracy

  • Deep Targeting

    Advanced filtering by fleet attribute for specific insights

  • Improved Workflow

    Data exports deliver the information where you need it

  • Ease-of-Use

    Saved searches make work focused, efficient and productive

FleetSeek provides valuable fleet attributes right at your fingertips

  • Trucking Safety and Performance History

    Safety and performance ratings…

    A risk management firm trusts FleetSeek for fleet CSA safety scores and evaluates performance rating measures for risk assessments and benchmark studies.
  • Assess Trucking Market Opportunities through data

    Fleet data at your fingertips…

    A marketing firm uses FleetSeek to compile fleet data to access market opportunity for a client selling alternative fuels.
  • Drill down into individual trucking fleet details and characteristics.

    Deep insights into fleets…

    A data analyst at a safety consulting firm uses FleetSeek to evaluate CSA scores, number of drivers, mileage figures, and insurance statistics to help him ascertain the need for enhanced safety training and products in the business.

Fleet attributes you need for targeted campaigns.

  • Contact Info

  • Fleet Size & Counts

  • CSA Scores & Insurance

  • Location & Mapping

  • Carrier Type & Demographics

  • Mileage & Driver Counts

  • Industry Classifications & Groupings

  • DOT, MCN & Other Fleet Identifiers

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